Are glass splash-backs heat resistant?

Glass splash-backs are an attractive accessory for any home, they provide an important practical function by protecting your walls, yet with such an aesthetic appeal they can also enhance any room in which they are featured. When you consider the strains that glass splash-backs and glass worktops undergo on a daily basis, it is only right that the glass used is of a high and durable quality. Modern Glass ensure each and every glass splash-back is constructed from the highest quality of glass. Dependant on where you wish your glass splash-back to be situated will depend upon the level of heat resistance that you require. For instance, glass that is located behind a hob will be made of toughened glass and resistant of heat up to 400 degrees C.

Glass splash-backs that require cut-outs should also be toughened to lessen the chance of a breakage and will be resistant to heat up to 220 degrees C. The beauty of toughened glass is that it is five times stronger than un-toughened glass. So, if you want to benefit from glass that will not crack, then toughened glass is the answer, as it does not crack but shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces. Toughened glass is extremely strong, which is why we recommend using it in areas close to a heat source and if you require cut-outs. If you already possess a splash-back and want to know whether your glass splash-backs are toughened or not, the easiest way to tell is to locate an etched mark in one of the corners, which is whitish in appearance. If there is no mark, then the glass is not toughened.

Here at Modern Glass, we will discuss with you, your need for toughened glass. If the glass is to be placed anywhere near a hob, or other heat source, we will supply you with the relevant heat resistance and durability. Our splash-back provides a contemporary finish to any kitchen or bathroom area and will in-turn transform your living space. Not only do we provide a fantastic selection of glass splash-back effects and thousands of colours, but our glass is produced to a high standard, ensuring both a heat-resistant and durable quality.

Our toughened glass is constructed to fit around light switches, sockets as well as plumbing outlets. The size of glass splash-back that we can provide our customers can be as small as 40mm x 40mm to a much grander specification of 3210mm x 2550mm. In regards to larger glass panels, we would normally suggest that you split the panels. We also provide jumbo sheets of sizes up to 6000mm x 3210mm. So, whether you require a standard sized panel or a bespoke sized panel, Modern Glass can assist you.


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