Cleaning your glass splash-back

Cleaning your glass splash-backs does not need to be hard work or complex, all it requires is a little bit of time and the correct cleaning tools. Having invested in high quality glass splash-backs, it is always a good idea to take good care of them. To keep your glass splash-backs looking spotless whilst also [...]

Glass and the environment

Glass is essentially an infinitely recyclable material and it is this attribute that secures glass its place in the hall of fame for sustainability, recycling and the environment. Glass is manufactured from naturally occurring minerals including silica, which depending on the glass application makes up over seventy per cent of the end glass product. Glass [...]

Are glass splash-backs heat resistant?

Glass splash-backs are an attractive accessory for any home, they provide an important practical function by protecting your walls, yet with such an aesthetic appeal they can also enhance any room in which they are featured. When you consider the strains that glass splash-backs and glass worktops undergo on a daily basis, it is only [...]

Is Glass Hygienic?

Other popular materials used for kitchen worktops include Marble and Granite, both of which are incredibly durable and particularly strong, yet they are both germ harbourer. The bacteria that is harboured tends to loiter in the cracks and crevices of worktop, unfortunately, this can lead to the germs being transferred to your food. If you [...]

How Strong Is A Glass Worktop?

Many consumers are put off opting for glass as a choice of worktop due to the common misconception that glass is fragile. In many cases, glass can be fragile, but when utilised for worktops, it is toughened glass that is used. So, just as other glass items may be easy to break, not all glass [...]

Choosing the right glass splash-back for you?

The process of choosing a glass splash-back is generally started by choosing the key details of the splash=back. The type of glass, the colour and effects, such as frosting and other finishes will need to be considered. If back lighting is required then this must be considered at this stage in the process to ensure [...]