Choosing the right glass splash-back for you?

The process of choosing a glass splash-back is generally started by choosing the key details of the splash=back. The type of glass, the colour and effects, such as frosting and other finishes will need to be considered. If back lighting is required then this must be considered at this stage in the process to ensure that installation runs smoothly.
Deciding on the extent of the area to be covered by the glass splash-back will need to be ascertained at this point. Questions, such as whether a small area covered by the glass splash-back is sufficient to your needs or whether covering an entire wall may serve your purposes better, need to be asked. Anything that is likely to affect the cost and measurements of the splash-back must be considered before ordering.
Made to measure glass splash-backs is often completed using a templating process. Key measurements that include taking into account fittings such as sockets and light switches will need to be taken. Templating involves making an exact replica of the splash-back to ensure that it fits without being uneven.

Once the measurements are complete, the splash-back will be manufactured accordingly. The splash-back should be manufactured using the least number of separate pieces, ensuring that there is a minimal amount of joints, making for the smoothest possible finish. Aesthetics are a vital consideration when manufacturing a glass splash-back.
The finished splash-back should then be ready for fitting. In some instances, this is done by gluing the splash-back to the wall using a strong adhesive. The final fitting and the quality of the splash-back are essentially what one is paying for. A made to measure splash-back should fit snugly where it is intended and be enjoyed as a permanent fixture in the room for which it is intended for many years to come.


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