Cleaning your glass splash-back

Cleaning your glass splash-backs does not need to be hard work or complex, all it requires is a little bit of time and the correct cleaning tools. Having invested in high quality glass splash-backs, it is always a good idea to take good care of them. To keep your glass splash-backs looking spotless whilst also youthful in appearance, cleaning is the only answer. If you have experience with cleaning glass – be it your windows at home or your glass coffee table top – then you are more than equipped to clean your glass splash-backs. Finger prints and other markings that are left on the surface of your splash-backs can result in dirty and unhygienic surfaces, and nobody wants that. What’s more, markings such as finger prints can also make your glass splash-backs appear dull and aged. This is why, here at Modern Glass we advise you use the following cleaning equipment; favourite glass cleaner, paper towels and one other extra soft cloth. In order to keep your splash-backs clean day after day, regular cleaning is required. But this should not take up too much of your time and just to make things a little easier for you. Here are our three easy steps to gaining sparkling clean glass splash-backs.

Step One – Spray your glass cleaner from the top to the bottom of your glass splash-back surfaces. Try to focus on areas that look particularly greasy or that have food remaining. Leave the solution for approximately 60 seconds in order for it to settle and soak through any residue.

Handy Tip 1 – ensure that the glass cleaner you use is not an abrasive product – instead opt for a glass cleaner that has a more gentle approach.

Step Two – Carefully wipe your glass splash-back from one side to the other using your paper towel. Ensure that all residues are wiped away and that no stains or marks remain.

Handy Tip 2 – if you prefer not to use glass cleaner – then warm water is a good substitute.

Step Three For a pristine glass finish, ensure your splash-back is thoroughly dry before buffing it with your super soft cloth. Use circular motions until your glass is nice and shiny. We hope that our cleaning tips prove to be of use next time you find yourself cleaning your splash-backs.


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