Glass Cladding

An example of Glass Cladding

Cladding is a great way to promote your business as well by digitally printing your company logo directly on the back of the glass and displaying it for all too clearly see.

Modern Glass is also in the process of becoming fully certified installers of the StoVentec Glass rainscreen cladding systems.

StoVentec Glass is a lightweight rainscreen cladding system with an attractive glass panel finish. The StoVentec Glass panel is bespoke manufactured to meet your colour and size requirements, with RAL colour and screen-printing options available.

Features of the StoVentec Glass System
• StoVentec Glass can incorporate suitable insulation materials to meet U Value requirements.
• Can be used as an interior decorative option.
• Lightweight system: approximately 30kg/m²
• There are no wet trade requirements, and the prefabricated panels can be quickly and easily installed.

StoVentec Glass has achieved National Technical Approval in Germany and is the only system where glass is adhesively fixed to a carrier board with approval in Europe. Facade heights up to 100m and soffit heights up to 20m are included in the approval.

Features of the StoVentec Glass panel finish
• StoVentec Glass panels are bespoke manufactured, providing a wide variety of design options.
• The panels can be manufactured in any size up to a maximum of 2600 x 1250mm, either horizontally or vertically.
• RAL colour and screen-printing options available. The colour or design is applied to the rear of the panel.
• It is possible to form curved panels with a minimum radius of 500mm.

Panel edges are normally finished flush with the carrier board, and a finished edge removes any sharp corners. For elevation edge pieces, especially corners, the carrier board can be chamfered away from the glass or set back.

Please see below examples of the type of finish a StoVentec glass system can provide (all pictures courteous of Sto Ltd):