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Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions

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Glass fulfils an important role in creating divisions between indoors and out as well as between individual interior spaces.

The technical advances in the material mean that it is suitable for a wider range of applications than ever before.

• Double & single glazed options
• Excellent acoustic performance up to 47db (Rw)
• Attractive and Stylish
• Full range of manifestation options
• Wide range of profile colours
• 10mm and 12mm glazing
• Option of standard height or full height doors

Single glazing can be used where clean lines and an aesthetically pleasing design are essential. The partitioning is designed with the minimum amount of framework to give a frameless appearance. To maintain the open feel of the office environment frameless doors or framed glass doors are fitted within the system using floor pivots and patch fittings or floor springs if required.

Where desired or in order to comply with building regulations, fully glazed panels have manifestation film applied to them. These can be used to simply highlight the presence of the partitions, create individual designs or incorporate company logos using either 10/12mm toughened glass depending on the height of the partition, glazing is achieved with the use of clear glazing gaskets that remove the need for silicone around the perimeter of the system.

Vertical silicone joints maintain the visual simplicity of the product or clear plastic jointing sections to provide dry joints between glass panels.