Modern Glass FAQs



How much do your glass splashbacks cost?

The price varies depending on size, shape and painting options. We know our prices are  amongst the most competitive on the market. Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation.

How do I obtain a quotation?

To obtain a quotation for our supply & fit service please see our free quotation page. Simply send us an e-mail with the measurements of your splashback, the colour and number of cut outs and we will get back to you in minutes.

To obtain a quotation for supply only, please contact us directly.

Can I get a swatch or sample?

Please contact us for details.

What about holes for electrical sockets etc?

We can cut the glass to fit around any sockets as long as they are no less than 100mm from the edge of the glass.

Are your panel’s safety glass?

All our glass is toughened to The New Toughened Glass Standards: EN 12600 and EN 12150.

Do my walls need to be flat?

Your walls should be even to within 2-3mm; they should also be free of any loose debris to provide a solid base to attach to. If your walls are not in a suitable condition we do offer a wall preparation service.

Can I fit your product over existing tiles?

While this is possible, we do not recommend it. 

Are there any sharp/hazardous edges?

All external edges are smoothed and polished.

Can I fit your product behind my gas hob?

Our product is heat resistant to 220C, so yes this is perfectly suitable.

How do you clean glass splashbacks?

You can clean them as you would your windows or any other glass; they are much easier to clean than tiles.

Can I measure and fit myself?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with full instructions on how to measure and fit yourself.


  • Easy to clean: unlike traditional kitchen or bathroom wall coverings our glass splashbacks may simply be wiped clean using glass cleaner.
  • No more mould/staining: with our glass splashbacks there is no need for hard to maintain grout joints; no more scrubbing to remove mould or stain.
  • Available in any colour: no need to travel the country looking for the perfect colour of tile to complement your kitchen, our product is available in any colour you chose.
  • Use your own design: you can supply your own image to create a unique design. So you could shower in a spectacular panoramic waterfall, overlook the grand canyon while making a stir fry or brighten your space with something colourful.
  • Modern look: Everything has it’s time, our product is to tiles what a Plasma TV is to your bulky old model. Invite the Joneses over for a dinner party and watch them turn green with envy.
  • Heat resistant: unlike some alternative products such as perspex or non toughened glass splashbacks, our splashbacks are heat resistant to 220C.
  • Reflect more light: glass splashbacks are manufactured in a similar way to mirrors so reflect a lot of natural light to brighten up your kitchen or bathroom.


We can measure, supply and fit your glass splashbacks or simply supply them. Glass splashbacks should not be fitted over existing tiles and the surface of your walls should be level prior to fitting. Due to this, we can also offer a wall preparation service if required. Please see below for a full description of the services we offer.

Measuring and templating service

There is very little room for error when measuring, particularly around electrical sockets. For this reason, we create a template out of 6mm mdf as part of our templating service. Your splashback will then be an exact replica of this template.

Supply only service

If you are confident enough to measure (or even template) and fit yourself, we do offer a supply only service. The supply only service is probably best suited to cooker splashback and glass upstands* only designs. The upstands option means you do not need to worry about electrical sockets getting in the way.

Delivery service

All our glass splashbacks are carefully delivered to your door at a time that suits you.

Fitting service

Our fully trained fitters will remove and refit any electrical fittings, fix your splashback to your wall and seal all joints.

Wall preparation service

If required we will remove your old tiles and prepare the walls for the new splashbacks. The extent of work required varies between jobs.