Personalised Printed Glass

Personalised Printed

Astonishing clarity defining images from shutterstock below:

For the ultimate wow factor our illuminated glass sets the ultimate statement in modern style and design.

Modern Glass continues to be at the forefront of glass technology with the recent introduction of its new digital printing line. This state of the art process applies ceramic inks directly onto the glass, reproducing your custom images on one or across multi-panels.


• Special effects can be created by applying solid and translucent layers of ink.
• Prints may be encapsulated in lamination for external use.
• Available in toughened glass thicknesses 4mm – 19mm.
• UV stable colours.
• Individual sheets are available in sizes up to 2800 x 3700mm.
• Designs may span on one or multi panel configurations.

Technical Specifications

• Use of ceramic inks baked directly into the glass.
• Full in house graphics department who can work with most popular file formats – PDF, PSD, EPS, Ai, Tiff, JPEG.
• Direct Digital Printing on Glass – Resolution at 360 dpi.
• Available toughened glass thicknesses between 4mm – 19mm.
• UV stable colours.
• Individual sheets up to 2800 x 3700mm.

You may select an image from the following websites, or, or you can provide your own photograph or design. Just email your image to us at as an attachment. We also request that you complete our contact form and let us know in the message area that you have emailed us your photograph.

All custom glass panels can be printed portrait or landscape as required. Please note that if you choose a landscape image with a square or portrait aspect, or vice versa, we would have to crop the image. We will then email you the cropped image for approval.

Please note that the glass wall panels can also be backlit, for an even more striking effect.

We can accept most image formats, the most common being .jpg. If you are providing your own photograph, we suggest that it be taken with a camera of at least 6 megapixels. Remember to set your camera to the highest quality picture setting. If we try to enlarge a low resolution image, it will become very pixelated.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01494 355 115, email us at or simply fill in our contact form with your requirements and will we aim to get back too you as soon as possible.