Outside The Home

Outside the home

Frameless Fencing

Fully Frameless Glass Fencing is definitely the choice for those situations where an unobstructed view is of importance.

Frameless glass has come a long way since its conception with several different mounting options to suit every application.

There are 3 main ways to fix frameless glass, all varying in cost and each have pros and cons.


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Exterior Ideas & Accessories

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Spiggot fixed, or clamp fixed is still our most popular method. We only use the highest quality spiggots made from 316 marine grade stainless steel in your choice of styles and finishes such as round “bullet” shaped clamps or square rectangular and satin or mirror finish stainless steel.

The glass used is 12mm (min thickness) toughened with all the edges polished and all of our glass is certified to conform to or exceed Australian standards. We have access to a very wide variety of spiggots and we will be sure to find a solution to your requirements.

Pin fixed or button fixed is another common way to install frameless glass and is widely used in balustrade applications where optimising space and architectural and asthetic reasons prevail. This method is where the glass is extended down past the ground level and is then fixed with 50mm dia 316 marine grade stainless steel pins which bolt through holes in the glass. These pins can be fixed into a variety of materials and surfaces and are also avilable in satin or mirror finish, glass is 12mm toughened with all edges polished.

Channel or slot fixed frameless glass gives the look of the glass emerging straight out of the landscape or floor, this method can be arranged during the construction stage by leaving a suitable slot in the form work prior to concrete being poured, or we can fix a strong channel after where the glass is then grouted into place. Glass is (min) 12mm clear toughened with all edges polished.

Please see below some of the many possibilities of incorporating glass outside the home:

  • Glass Fencing
  • Glass Balustrades
  • Glass Fountains
  • Glass Trellises
  • Glass Stepping blocks
  • Glass Cladding

Our Customer Service

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Our Glass

  • No grouting required
  • No mould or stains
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic
  • Available in any colour
  • Heat resistant to 220°C
  • Available in a range of thicknesses from 6mm to 15mm
  • All glass is toughened and impact tested to British safety standards.
  • Reflect more natural light
  • Can be cut or drilled to accommodate any fixtures or fittings

All fixing methods can be fitted with gates so as to comply with all British standards for pool fencing. The gates can be as simple as stainless steel glass to glass hinges and magnetic latches, hydraulic in ground floor boxes, or why not ask about the Italian made highest quality “Biloba hydraulic” (definitely our choice).

Semi Frameless Glass Fencing
Semi Frameless Glass Fencing is becoming more popular these days, as it provides a relatively seameless view with clean straight lines suited to almost every garden or pool surround, or balcony.?Using our unique 54mm round polished anodized posts you can achieve the stainless steel look without the added expense or high maintenance involved with stainless steel.

The surface is anodised to 25um and is designed for use in the harsh environments such as by the sea or along side swimming pools.

The heavy wall thickness only available in our posts ensure the optimum in style and strength.

The posts are usually grouted into a hole that we core drill into the ground but we are also able to mount them to decks, stairs or walls. Gates are a vital part of any fence and we usually reduce the glass thickness of the gates to 8mm, this is to reduce the weight on the stainless steel hinges and also makes for longer lasting trouble free gate operation. The tension on our self closing hinges is easy to do, and on completion of your fence installation we will show you how to adjust it, should it ever be required (or you can simply contact us and we’ll gladly do it for you”

Using 10mm toughened glass, with all edges polished, and our 54mm heavier walled posts, we are able to maintain greater spans between posts, giving the uncrowded view that you would expect from glass. All of our semi frameless glass installations meet or exceed Australian standards.

Care of your semi frameless glass fence is as easy as giving it a regular wash with mild soapy water, or ask us about “Enduroshield” a protective coating for the glass which reduces cleaning by up to 90%

£200 less than other quotes, very competitive prices for supplying and installing both our kitchen splashback and worktop. Both my wife and I are very happy with the finished result

Mr. K.Taylor – Beaconsfield