How Strong Is A Glass Worktop?

Many consumers are put off opting for glass as a choice of worktop due to the common misconception that glass is fragile. In many cases, glass can be fragile, but when utilised for worktops, it is toughened glass that is used. So, just as other glass items may be easy to break, not all glass products are the same.

For example, your car windscreen is constructed of glass. Now, if this was fragile glass, it would not withstand strong winds of up to 70mph. Just as a fragile glass worktop would not withstand high temperatures, which is why your kitchen worktop is constructed of reinforced glass – providing more strength.

When contemplating the following; heat resistance, water resistance and hygiene, glass kitchen worktops are the finest and most functional worktops available. What’s more, glass can craft the perfect solution for your kitchen, due to versatility of possible design and the vast array of colours.


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